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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Timeshare Elimination Review

Timeshare elimination review

Because of the current volatile state of the UK economy, several timeshare consumers have been forced into a financial hardship that they thought they would never have to deal with. Several of the timeshare consumers who are going through financial hardships are elderly timeshare owners. With the expenses associated with timeshare ownership increasing each year, many people simply can not afford to continue with their ownership. Deciding that it is a good idea to get rid of their timeshares, a great deal of timeshare owners make an attempt to sell their timeshares on the secondary market losing vast amounts of money paying upfront listing fees with no sale .

However, due to a large supply of timeshares on the used timeshare market and the dwindling consumer demand for luxury items such as timeshares, several timeshare owners find that it is close to impossible to sell a timeshare these days and even if they do, the cash they make will not be enough to pay the transfer fees associated with the properties. After trying to sell their timeshares, several timeshare owners feel like there is no choice but to go into maintenance arrears,resorts are now taking timeshare owners to court if your timeshare maintenance fees are in arrears. Fearing the affects that foreclosure can have, several people have been looking for a way out that will not have the negatively impact their financial stability.

The good news for a great deal of timeshare owners is that there is one way to get rid of a timeshare that most timeshare owners have not tried. This way is called timeshare elimination. Timeshare elimination is the process of deeding a timeshare back to the developer because of discrepancies in the sales process and contract associated with the timeshare. In some cases timeshare owners will even receive a refund from the developer to help them recover from the losses associated with their timeshares. The best part about it however is that it provides relief fast without harming their credit scores. I know that a great deal of timeshare owners are reading this article and thinking “Great idea but, how do I get started”. Well, this process requires the timeshare developer to have done something wrong when selling the timeshare to the consumer. Therefore, it is important for consumers to speak with a professional to see if they would even qualify for the service. However, if you feel like you were victimized in one of the ways below, there is a strong chance that you will qualify:

Rushed into signing: Rushing people is a forceful and aggressive sales tactic that timeshare sales representatives have been using for years.

The good news for timeshare owners who have been rushed into signing is that this sales tactic is not tolerated by law! Chances are, if you felt rushed into signing for a timeshare, you will qualify for timeshare elimination.

False sense of urgency: Over the years, many timeshare sales representatives have been using another forceful and aggressive sales tactic called false sense of urgency. A prime example of this is timeshare representatives telling timeshare owners that this may be the last day for them to get the offer at hand. This is another example of a sales tactic not tolerated by law.

If you bought timeshare in Spain before 7 January 1999:-

Before the introduction of the timeshare law in Spain on 7 January 1999 the Spanish Civil Code applied to timeshare ownership.The Spanish Civil Code (clauses 1262 et seq) brings legal right for timeshare owners to terminate their membership; to have their contract declared null and void and to recover all the money they paid (including interest.The Civil Code applies to the Spanish mainland, the Balearics and Canary Islands. Provided the property is in Spain then the Code applies irrespective of how or where you bought. There are indeed plenty more examples however, I don't have enough room to put them all here. If you are interested in timeshare elimination, please head my advice to get a professional to help!

This article was written by Steve Keen and is brought to you by: Timeshare Elimination UK: Timeshare Cancellation. Call 01492 643203.
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