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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Incentive Leisure Group Scam

Incentive Leisure Group "Scam"
Holiday Club Memberships Scams

The "product" that Incentive Leisure Group and others were selling was a "Holiday Club Membership" costing many thousands of pounds which was recently described in the High Court as "access to a holiday booking system which is also available to them as members of the general public and which provides no particular financial benefit".
What many people have claimed is that at Incentive Leisure presentation they attended they were shown holidays at fantastic discounts which on becoming members of such club they simply were unable to obtain. In addition there are many people who have claimed that such holidays that were available after joining the DWVC "holiday club" were the same price or higher than the price they would have paid in the High St or on the internet. The reason that Incentive Leisure Group showed you holidays that you later found were not obtainable at the prices originally quoted we understand was because the website that ILG were presenting was a "dummy website" that was not actually on the internet.
The selling of "Holiday Club Memberships" in general in addition to the selling of timeshares or points has generated a lot of controversy and allegations of misrepresentation in the last few years.

  • Incentive Leisure Group
  • Designer Way Vacation Club
  • Holiday VIP's
  • European Coast & Sun Holidays
  • Bonus Select Vacations
  • Whitebay International
  • Worldwide Travel
  • Reclaim Ltd
  • Cashback Sales & Administration
  • Timelinx
  • Pro Travel Group
  • Global Vacations
The scenario with the Incentive Leisure type of "scam" was that a customer who already owned a timeshare would be approached and informed that if they purchased a "Holiday Club Membership " via DWVC that Incentive Leisure would take over ownership of their existing timeshare in part exchange. The sales pitch put forward by ILG suggested that this would then alleviate the customer of liability to any further annual maintenance fees and that in the event of death that such customers children would not inherit such liability. Incentive Leisure Group in particular has failed to produce any documentation which establishes that a customer's timeshare was ever transferred into their name and there are many customers whom are still being pursued for outstanding maintenance fees. If you have continued to receive maintenance fee demands or have received your deeds back from the liquidator of Incentive Leisure then we would advise you to contact us for further information. We would certainly not recommend that you pay any company in advance of disposing of your timeshare / points or holiday club membership.
Another part of the Incentive Leisure "scam" was that the customer was told on completion of their purchase that they would be issued with a certificate from a third party - Reclaim Ltd or Cashback S.A. which on redemption would result in the customer receiving a payment equal to the money paid to Incentive Leisure for such "Holiday Club Membership" and the timeshares / points taken in part exchange. Incentive Leisure Group were found guilty of fraud in relation to the claims that they made in respect of over hyping the redemption value of the Reclaim certificate in 2009. In addition the observations documented on records held at Companies House would ask questions of the ability of Reclaim Ltd to fulfil its continuing obligations. If your cashback certificate was issued by Cashback Sales & Administration S.A. then this company wrote to suppliers including Incentive Leisure Group informing that it had ceased trading in November 2008.

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